Vendor Insurance Compliance:

Protecting both our vendor partners and the HOA is of upmost importance for Tamarind Management Team, Inc.   Please take the necessary steps to become a Certified Service Provider for Tamarind Management Team and the HOA’s that we serve. The company we have hired (ASN) will help you through the process and ensure that your insurance protects both you and the HOA for the services you provide. If the basic fee is difficult for you to pay at this time, please contact Jerilyn at  for a discount code. ASN also offers additional features for our vendors that can help with your marketing and branding. 


Please follow this hyperlink to the web page Or follow this hyperlink directly to the Vendor Page.


The entities legal names that must be listed are:

  • Tamarind Management Team, Inc.


And also the property the work is being performed on:

·         Quail Lake Community Association

·         Woodward Lake Lakefront Owners Association

·         The Village West Condominium Owners Association

·         The Fig Gardens


 Invoice Submittal:

To expedite the approval process, invoices should be emailed to:


We thank you for your cooperation and your continued services. If you have any questions or need assistance, please email: or leave a message at 877-404-2008.